More Warm Puppy to love! Our new super soft and cozy Large Puppy is 18″ tall. This is the largest version of everyone’s favorite Warm Buddy.

A microwaveable inner heat pack provides comforting warmth making him the perfect sleep companion. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to the inner pack for added comfort and enjoyment.

Washable outer cover.

Retail Price: $39.95


“I bought the Large Warm Puppy for my son who has cerebral palsy. He gets chilled very easily, has low muscle tone and muscle spasms due to his medical condition. An electric blanket or heating pad was just out of the question for safety reasons.

I bought the Warm Buddy to keep him warm on the days when he is chilled or having spasms, but it turns out that it is much more than that. It has been such a help to reduce these symptoms and he absolutely loves it! He evens reminds me at night to warm it up so he can snuggle up to it when its bedtime.”

ChristinaBrandon’s Mom